Bruce Lee MIMOBOT USB Flash Drive for Mimoco

made by Lillian Lee, design & illustration

How super excited was I to work on this project? SUPER.

My brother and his friends will be so excited!

Bruce Lee pioneered the martial arts movie genre, developed his own style of martial arts called Jeet Kune Do, and introduced the discipline, power, and speed of martial arts to the western world. Now, Bruce Lee is, quite literally, the most kick-ass MIMOBOT flash drive ever made. This battle tested Bruce Lee MIMOBOT has the tiger claw cuts, yellow tracksuit, and matching nunchucks, and the suave determination that made the Legend himself so iconic. The bad guys won’t get near your data, not if Bruce Lee MIMOBOT has something to say about it. READ MORE

What’s amazing on this drive — and, actually, all MIMOBOT drives — is the mimoByte™ sound software, which plays sounds from Bruce Lee‘s classic movies everytime you plug/unplug to your computer. Also included are some desktop wallpapers, icons & avatars, and videos that you can go through via the nifty Bruce Lee interface designed by Lisa (@Small_Wish).

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