Mimoco Tradeshow Booth Design

“Meeting New Fans and Engaging with Current Fans from San Diego Comic Con to the Tokyo Toy Fair”

made by Lillian Lee, design & illustration

Spreading awareness of product is crucial and Mimoco focuses on tradeshows and conventions where product can be shown up close and personal and demonstrated.

Working closely with all licensing teams and internal teams such as tradeshow coordinators, marketing, web/social media, and warehouse team as well as upper level management team, Mimoco prepared for tradeshows and conventions with the biggest show of the year being San Diego Comic Con.

New releases would be revealed at San Diego Comic Con; new product categories would be showcased at CES; and product recognition would be spread to other retail and consumer tradeshows.

Booth design, tradeshow banners, signage, giveaways (such as apparel, stickers, buttons, and bags), product displays, and video/animated product spots were developed tailored for each specific show.

Apparel, Design Direction, Illustration, Print, Print Collateral, Project Management, Tradeshow Design

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